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Welcome to my homepage!

This is a site where I’ll want to impart my hobby that is to collects stamps, and to get in touch whit other around the world that have the same interest as I have.

My site will contain presentations of the countries I collect, and about my topical stamp-collection.

There will also be information about sale and trading of stamps and other philatelist’s material. My site is only made on non profit base.

My philatelist`s library:

  1. Michel. Europa 1 - 4 2003/2004

  2. Michel. CEPT-Katalog 2004

  3. Dømfil. Post-Europa 2004

  4. AFA. Spesialkatalog Danmark, Færøerne, Grønnland, Dansk Vestidien og Slesvig. 2002

  5. Scott. Standard Postage Catalog 1 - 6. 1999

  6. Seven Seas Stamps. Compact Australian Stamp Catalouge. 2004

  7. Michel. Germany-Kataloug 2003/2004

  8. Philex. Israel 2004

  9. Isaac borodinsky. Judica in philately

  10. Norgeskatalogen

  11. Darell. Stamps of Canada. 2005

  12. Bale. Specilized catalouge of  Israel. 2004

  13. Ord Matek. The Bible Through Stamps. 1974

  14. Gerald A. Morris. The Holy Family. 1978

  15. Ronald L. Eisenberg. The Jewish World in Stamps, 2002

  16. Sanly Gibbons.

  17. EzStamp. USA/UN/Cannada

I`m a assosiated member of:


This filateli site
owned by John R Møyholm

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